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ARGEO is a free app which allows users to discover and catch real products in augmented reality geolocated around the streets of your city and redeem them at the point of sales!

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Discover products around you

Discover products around you using the ARGEO Map. You can identify products in Augmented Reality, nearby geolocated.

Look for them

Look for them in Augmented Reality through your devide camera. Once reached the place where the product is geolocates, you can spot the product in Augmented Reality by activating your device camera.

Catch them

Capture them wiht a finger movement on the screen. A simple fingere movement on the screen allows to capture the product which will be automatically stored into your personal wallet.

Redeem them

Redeem the product at the designated selling point, showing your ARGEO CODE. Every caught product is marked with a unique code that allows you to redeem the product/coupon at the participating stores.

Or send them as a gift

You can also send your captures as a gift to one of your ARGEO friends.

*The representations of other brands and related products are for illustrative purposes only and are not connected directly or indirectly with Fimesp srl and the ARGEO brand.

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